Storage Control for Power System Oscillation Damping and Inertia


Presented by: Charlie Vartanian and Dr. Jan Alam

This webinar is based on an earlier SmartGrid e-newsletter article, “Active Damping With Energy Storage to Improve Power System Frequency Stability”, This earlier article outlined how appropriately designed energy storage (ES) systems can offset the negative power system impacts of reduced inertia (H, MW-s), as traditional rotating machines are offset by inverter based resources including PV.

In this webinar, the authors focus on two specific areas, 1) underlying control design concept for using ES with advanced power electronics with advanced grid sensing (e.g. PMU’s) to damp power system oscillations, 2) examples of early energy storage systems that have demonstrated that appropriately designed ES systems can and have supported power system frequency stability.

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Power industry community members interested in applying newer emerging technologies for improving core objectives: maintaining and improving the efficiency and reliability of electric power systems cost effectively. These stakeholders include energy storage and advanced power electronics manufacturers, renewable and ES project developers, power systems planners and operators, utility engineers and managers, and electric industry regulatory staff.


  • Energy Storage
  • Power System Stability
  • Renewables Integration


Webinar PresenterCharlie Vartanian

Charlie Vartanian is a Sr. Technical Advisor at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory where he focuses on integration of energy storage with power systems. Charlie has over 25 years of power industry experience deploying advanced grid technologies, performing electric system studies, and contributing to technical standards development. He has worked previously for Mitsubishi Electric, A123 Systems, Southern California Edison, and the U.S. Navy. During his 15 years at Southern California Edison, Charlie’s activities spanned traditional T&D planning through grid R&D. He is a currently Secretary of the IEEE 1547.9 Energy Storage Interconnection working group.

Webinar PresenterJan Alam

Dr Jan Alam is a power systems engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) where he is working since 2016. He is a thrust-area lead within Energy Storage Industry Acceptance program at PNNL, sponsored by U.S. DOE. He is also a key-contributor in PNNL transactive energy systems and grid services valuation domains. He is managing an effort to develop capabilities at PNNL for grid integration of marine renewable energy resources. Before joining PNNL, he was engaged in solar PV and energy storage research in Australia and collaborated with multiple Australian utilities. Dr Alam also worked as an electric power industry professional in Bangladesh (2005-2010) and held various positions from plant maintenance engineer to consulting engineer working with the government agencies responsible for power sector development.



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