Measuring the Value of Resilience


Presented by: Daniel Kushner, Principal Business Analyst, at ComEd

What is resilience and how do we measure it? This talk will explore the interconnections between electrical and community resilience, and benchmark efforts to evaluate levels of resilience, as well as endeavors to improve it. It will go into depth on metrics that have been identified that describe portions of resilience, as well as ways to think through the causal, direct and indirect relationships between different metrics. It will also discuss potential paths to quantify the impact of these metrics in monetary terms.

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INTENDED AUDIENCE: Utilities, government officials, stakeholders



Webinar PresenterDaniel Kushner is a principal business analyst at Commonwealth Edison, a subsidiary of Exelon Corporation (NYSE: EXC), the nation’s leading competitive energy supplier. He works on analyzing, developing, and explaining grid of the future initiatives including emerging technologies, energy storage, microgrids and smart city deployments. Dr. Kushner has published industry trend reports ranging from smart cities to smart grids in publications including IEEE Smart City, T&D World, and Asian Survey. He holds a BA degree in history from Johns Hopkins University and a PhD in political science from Brown University.


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