Power Quality in Smart Grid/Microgrid

Presented by: M V Chilukuri

Power quality (PQ) is very important to ICT industry, Data Centres and Digital Transformation. Recently, there is an increase Renewable Energy  (RE) penetration into the grid, Electrification of Transportation sector through increase in use of Electric Vehicles (EV) and EV Charging stations in the distribution system to reduce carbon emission. This requires more attention to Power Quality as RE and EV integration in distribution brings more PQ issues such as Supraharmonics, Voltage Flicker and Voltage Distortion. Study of the power quality phenomenon in the Smart Grid requires advanced signal processing methods both for measurement and analysis. The application of Time-Frequency Analysis and Machine Learning for the study of power quality and diagnostics will become more essential than ever. This webinar will discuss the future of Power Quality in Smart Grid and revision of IEEE PQ standard 1159.

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Power Plant and Utility Managers, Distribution Engineers/Operators, Academics/Researchers, OEMS, and Consultants


M V CHILUKURIM V Chilukuri graduated with BEngg and MEngg from the Andhra University, India and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Multimedia University, Cyberjaya. He was faculty at Multimedia University (2001-12) and University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus (2012-15). Since May 2016, he was Associate Professor at School of Electrical Engineering, VIT, Vellore. He has conducted research, training & consultancy in the field of Power Quality, Condition Monitoring, Smart Grid, Data Centre Energy Efficiency and Green ICT at various international conferences and workshops. He is a Senior Member (2004) of IEEE PES, IAS, PELS, Member of Malaysian National Committee of CIGRE (2005-08), CIRED and IET, UK (2001 – 2012). He is a reviewer of IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, IAS, Smart Grid, and member of IEEE P825 Working Group on Transactive Energy.

Tags & Topics for This Webinar:

Power Quality; Time-Frequency Analysis; Smart Grid


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