The Role of Power Electronics in Grid Modernization


Presented by: Manuel Avendaño, Jordan Smith, Gabriel Andaya and Md Arifujjaman from Southern California Edison


This webinar will discuss applications and role of power electronics associated with grid modernization. The presenters will share key technical challenges that should be taken into consideration and provide recommendations for research, development, and demonstration needed for power electronics to help transform distribution grids into flexible, networked platforms that optimize DER value through advanced grid management and empower customers with options to be reliability partners.

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The webinar will consist of five key topics:

  1. Pathway 2045. High level introduction to our vision including abundant inverter-based generation and storage, electric vehicles (EVs), and efficient electrification
  2. Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS). Real examples of BESS installed in SCE service territory.
  3. Dynamic Power Conditioner. Results of lab testing.
  4. EVs. Focus on grid integration challenges.
  5. Smart Solar PV Inverters. Results of lab testing for Rule 21 requirements.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Utilities, government officials, academia

The webinar is intended for anyone interested in the challenges and opportunities to implement power electronics into the grid and how these technologies will enable the utility of the future. Attendees can include utility engineers and technicians, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, academics, members of all IEEE societies, and so forth.


Webinar PresenterManuel Avendaño, PhD

Dr. Avendaño is the Senior Engineering Manager of Emerging Technologies Evaluation at Southern California Edison. He is responsible for leading SCE’s effort to understand and test emerging smart grid technologies and determine their feasibility for demonstration projects and their potential impact to SCE’s Grid Modernization plan. Dr. Avendaño earned a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering in Mexico and the PhD in Electrical Engineering in United Kingdom. Dr. Avendaño has been a member of IEEE since 2006 and currently serves as Chair of the IEEE Distribution Subcommittee and Chair of the R&D Committee of IEEE Smart Grid.

Webinar PresenterJordan W. Smith

Mr. Smith is Senior Engineer for Southern California Edison's Grid Technology and Modernization. He is responsible for evaluating advanced technology vehicles and equipment and charging infrastructure for the SCE fleet and for customer programs. Mr. Smith received a B.S. degree in mechanical engineering and an M.S. degree in engineering management from California State Polytechnic University. He is a licensed professional engineer in California and is a member of the Society of Automotive Engineers and the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

Webinar PresenterGabriel Andaya

Mr. Andaya is an electrical engineer at Southern California Edison. He has been testing and deploying advanced electrochemical energy storage technologies and distributed energy resources for the company for over nine years. His specialty includes testing and modeling energy storage capacity and power degradation at the cell/module level. Mr. Andaya also has extensive experience interconnecting, installing, and testing battery systems for functionality, safety, and performance.

Webinar PresenterMd Arifujjaman

Dr. Arifujjaman is a Senior Engineer with Southern California Edison's Emerging Technologies Evaluation where he is leading the effort on enhancing the adoption of distributed energy resources for future electrical grid by assessing their potential uses, impact, and value. Dr. Arifujjaman earned the PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering in Canada.


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