Edge Computing: Use Cases and Benefits for Electrical Grids


Clément Paris, R&D Head Projects, EDF
Jacques Martin, Energy & Utilities R&D Manager, ATOS
Guillaume Giraud, R&D eEngineer, head of project Future Architectures for Power System Control, RTE (French TSO)
Abdourrahmane Chraibi, AMI Division – International Projects Manager, Enedis (French DSO) 

Sandra Castellanos- Paez, junior researcher at Grenoble-Alpes University (UGA)

Michel Béna, R&D Deputy Director for RTE
Régis Le Drézen, Managing Director, Think Smartgrids


At a time when the electricity system is becoming increasingly decentralised, with a growing share of intermittent renewable production spread over the territory, the collection of relevant data, its processing and its valorisation are becoming a key issue for grid operators. The development of IoT technology also opens up new perspectives for grid stakeholders.

Edge computing technologies can have many applications for smart grids. The exploitation of data as close as possible to their source of emission has indeed clear advantages to support the decentralisation of the operation of the electricity network.

The webinar will present the concept of edge computing, its applications for smart grids, illustrated by concrete use cases. The panelists will explain the benefits (performance and resilience, reduced cloud and telecommunication costs, new services, less private data uploaded, etc.), but also the challenges (cybersecurity, additional complexity, skills, industrial challenges, etc.).

=> While the energy transition implies a decentralisation of the operation of the electrical system, edge computing opens up new prospects for the development of smart grids.


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Smart grids ecosystem, DSO/TSOs. The goal is to raise awareness of the opportunities linked to the deployment of edge technologies, but also of the need for skills, collaboration and the different challenges to succeed in this deployment.


Michel BENA 1Michel Béna is R&D deputy Director for RTE, the French TSO, since 2017, and previously Smart Grids Director, in charge of the involvement of RTE in technical pilot projects and in the discussions around the evolution of the French Electric System related to Smart Grids. Before that, he’s been working in power system transmission R&D field, such as long term planning, dynamic security and voltage control. He graduated from SUPELEC (1990).

Clement ParisClément Paris received the M.Sc. Degrees in electrical engineering from Centrale Supélec, Gif-sur-Yvette, France, 2014. In the last 8 years, he has been working at EDF as an research engineer on several smart grids topics such as short-term operational planning and power system automation. He has contributed actively in the TC 57 WG 10 on the Task force “System Management”. He is currently leading a project on electrical distribution network planning.

Jacques Martin Jacques Martin has been R&D Manager for the Energy & Utilities industry within the Atos group since 2017. Atos is a French multinational IT service and consulting company with 111,000 employees and annual revenue of c. € 11 billion. He started his career in the telecommunication industry delivering solutions for the mobile operators. He moved to energy and utilities industry in 2003 and held various management positions for operations, business development and R&D, especially around smart grid. Today his portfolio includes products and solutions for the smart grid, e.g. a versatile multi-energy SCADA ADMS solution, a multi-tenant smart metering solution, an edge and swarm computing software solution. He graduated from SUPELEC (1989).

Guillaume GIRAUDGuillaume Giraud is an R&D engineer (Supélec 96) with 25 years of experience working on telecommunication,  electrical  system  control,  and  cyber-physical  systems  at  RTE  (French  Transmission  Operator).  He coordinated the first design of RTE 20 000 km optical network, then lead the IT team in charge of the development and installation of the market tools for French cross-border exchanges of electricity in European initiatives such as CASC CWE or CWE Market Coupling.  He also was in charge of the engineering team for RTE SCADA systems and initiated the SCADA renewal project STANWAY and the digitalization roadmap for industrial IT systems. He is actually leading ”Collaborative Systems” and ”Other Industrial Use Cases” work packages in CPS4EU.

chraibiAbdourrahmane Chraibi joined the EDF group in 2012, after graduating from the French engineering school Telecom ParisTech. He since worked as a project manager in IT and Telecommunications, and for the last 3 years in the Smart Metering division of ENEDIS, the french DSO.
He is currently representing Enedis in the E4S alliance (Edge for Smart Secondary Substation Systems), leveraging edge computing and virtualization technologies to enable the digitalized grid through a data driven platform.

Sandra Castellanos PaezSandra Castellanos-Paez is a junior researcher at Grenoble-Alpes University (UGA). She completed her PhD in the field of AI planning in 2019, also at the UGA. Her main research interest today is in advanced Machine Learning algorithms, with a strong focus on continual learning for pervasive systems (smart grid, Human Activity Recognition). She is currently supervising a PhD in that very subject.

regisRégis Le Drézen a graduate of the Institut Supérieur de l’Electronique et du Numérique, began his career with the EDF group in 2000, in charge of protection systems for high and very high voltage lines and the RTE (French TSO) acoustics laboratory. Two years later, he joined the integrated company EDF GDF Services where he contributed to major telecom infrastructure projects linked to the deregulation of the energy market. In 2011, he was appointed technical director of Smart Grid Vendée, then one of the most ambitious smart grid projects in France. In 2015, he was appointed Director of Enedis in the Vendée region, and in 2018 he joined the Enedis electric mobility project, where he was in charge of preparing the future, development and innovation, at the heart of a new ecosystem bringing together energy, digital and the automotive world. He was appointed General Delegate of Think Smartgrids in March 2022.

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Edge Computing; iot; Data; Smartgrid; Energy; Edge; Energy Transition; Digital




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