Power System Dynamic State Estimation using Synchrophasor Measurements


Presented by: Junbo Zhao, Ph.D, Assistant Professor (Research) at Virginia Tech University

With the increasing penetration of intermittent renewable energy, responsive loads, and microgrids, the power system has been subject to different types of dynamics. Consequently, the static state estimation (SSE) used in today’s energy management systems may be unable to capture these dynamics in an operational environment. As a result, new monitoring tools need to be developed, such as dynamic state estimation (DSE). The capability of DSE to accurately capture rapid dynamic changes in system states plays an important role in power system control and protection. Thanks to the widespread deployment of phasor measurement units, the development of a fast and robust DSE becomes possible. This webinar will present a comprehensive view of the DSE, in terms of its motivations, concepts, implementation and utilization. The similarities and differences between DSE and other existing estimation methods will be clarified as well.

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INTENDED AUDIENCE: AnyoneThe webinar is intended for practicing engineers whose work involves control center applications, for graduate students who wish to have a quick but thorough review of the subject and for developers who maintain and upgrade control center network applications.



ImageJunbo Zhao
Junbo Zhao is now an assistant professor (research) at Virginia Tech. He received the Ph.D. degree from Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Virginia Tech in 2018. He did the summer internship at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory from May-August, 2017. He is now the chair of IEEE Task Force on Power System Dynamic State and Parameter Estimation, the secretary of the IEEE Working Group on State Estimation Algorithms and the IEEE Task Force on Synchrophasor Applications in Power System Operation and Control.
He has lead/participated in more than 10 projects funded by NSF, DOE, BPA, etc. He holds 9 Chinese patents and has published 2 book chapters and more than 50 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers. His research interests are cyber-physical/power system online monitoring, operation and security assessment, such as smart grid state estimation, dynamics and stability, cyber security, big data analytics and robust statistical signal processing. He serves as the Associate Editor of International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems and the subject editor of IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution.


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