Transactive Energy Systems

Presented by Steve Widergren, Koen Kok and Leigh Tesfatsion

Thursday, March 10, 2016 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET

Information and communications technologies are enabling a growing number of interactions among all types of energy resources and devices distributed throughout electricity delivery systems.

These interactions require coordination to ensure the safe and reliable operation of these systems in a manner that accounts properly for the needs and preferences of all participating parties, including system operators, electric service providers, and electric service consumers. Transactive Energy System (TES) techniques are well suited for addressing this multi-objective optimization problem.

This webinar will introduce basic TES principles and concepts. Using methods and tools from agent-based simulations and field studies, it will then demonstrate how TES techniques can facilitate the coordination of distributed energy resources and devices within electricity delivery systems using scalable market-based transactions that are simple to integrate and evolve as technology and objectives change over time.

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About the Speakers:

Steve Widergren is a principal engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, a member of the Board of Directors of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, the founding Administrator for the GridWise Architecture Council, an editor of the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, and participates in standards efforts that bridge power engineering with information technology.




Koen Kok is a Senior Scientist in Intelligent Electricity Systems both at TNO, an applied research institute in The Netherlands, and at the Center for Electric Power and Energy (CEE) of the Danish Technical University DTU. He works on numerous EU and NL-national smart grid projects. He is a driving force behind The PowerMatcher, a technology that uses a transactive-energy approach to match demand and distributed generation.





Leigh Tesfatsion is Professor of Economics, Mathematics, and Electrical & Computer Engineering at Iowa State University. Her primary area of specialization is the development of agent-based test beds for the study of dynamic coupled natural and human systems, with a particular stress on electric power systems and transactive-energy issues related to demand response and standardized power-market contracts.


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