Performance, Safety & Degradation of Li-ion Battery Storage


Presented by: Daiwon Choi and Vish Viswanathan

This webinar will be focused on reliability of electrochemical energy storage system (ESS) based on Li-ion batteries, which is currently the most widely deployed system. In this webinar, the authors focus on two specific areas, 1) fundamentals of Li-ion battery operation and degradation mechanisms, 2) examples of efficiency, performance and comparison of different Li-ion battery chemistries under standardized frequency regulation (FR), peak shaving (PS) and electric vehicle (EV) drive cycles. The lifecycle and degradation mechanisms derived from capacity, round trip efficiency (RTE), resistance, charge/discharge energy and total utilized energy of the battery chemistries will be compared. Performance and safety of electrical energy storage systems will also be addressed, reviewing applicable standards and gridscale storage data.

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Power industry community members interested in applying newer emerging technologies for improving core objectives: maintaining and improving the efficiency and reliability of electric power systems cost effectively. These stakeholders include energy storage and advanced power electronics manufacturers, renewable and ESS project developers, power systems planners and operators, utility engineers and managers, and electric industry regulatory staff.


  • Li-ion Battery
  • Electrochemical Energy Storage
  • Battery reliability testing
  • Renewables Integration
  • Efficiency
  • Performance
  • Safety


Webinar PresenterDaiwon Choi

Daiwon Choi is a Senior Research Scientist in Electrochemical Materials and Systems group at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He has over 20 years of research experience in materials development for various electrochemical energy storage systems including Li-ion battery, supercapacitor, and fuel cell. His current area of interest is in standard battery testing, reliability, performance and degradation analyses of Li-ion batteries for stationary energy storage. Dr. Choi is author of more than 70 research papers, 4 book chapters, and inventor of 10 US patents.


Webinar PresenterVilayanur Viswanathan

Vilayanur Viswanathan is a Senior Engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. He received his BS in Chemical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, and Ph.D. from Rutgers University in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering. His research focus areas are cost performance modeling of large scale battery systems, battery state of health modeling, gridscale battery testing and analysis, battery module reliability testing and analysis, and development of energy storage test protocols/standard for grid scale energy storage. He is the Chair for the US Technical Advisory Group to IEC TC120 to develop standards for electrical energy storage systems, and is Chair of an IEEE Flow Batteries Standards Development effort.



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