Vehicle to Grid (V2G): Security & Privacy Perspective


Presented by: Mangaya Sivagnanam, Vice-chair IEEE Smart Grid R & D Committee 

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Vehicle to Grid V2G is one of the pivotal technology that gives us ultimate control over energy and grid efficiency. The smart grid utilizes this technological advancement in developing a gridable vehicle ecosystem (battery electric vehicles (BEV), plug-in hybrids (PHEV), plug-in vehicle (PEV)) in its fullest operational possibilities. Leading to intertwined Smart Grid domains and operational networks with other Critical Infrastructures – Energy, Transportation, and Tele-communication. The presentation elaborates on the security and privacy challenges in the V2G network and its impact on grid resilience.

This talk focus on all primary components of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Home (V2H) infrastructure, applications and its security and privacy challenges and highlights for secure deployment options on

  • Transmission and distribution, substation automation model
  • Customer’s premise area network enablement – demand response, charging stations, and smart metering systems
  • Commercial and residential charging stations’infrastructure aiding integrated transport payment systems, 4G/LTE connectivity, roaming, and billing
  • Customer and vehicle identify
  • Regulatory Commitments


INTENDED AUDIENCE:  Grid operators; EV owners; Charging stations and advanced metering system managed offerers; Service Providers offering grid services; Advanced protection, transmission and substation automation teams; and Vehicle manufacturers


Webinar PresenterMangaya Sivagnanam

Mangaya Sivagnanam (SMIEEE) is a Principal Cybersecurity Architect at Trane. Mangaya has expertise in innovation, security architecture for the web-apps, SCADA, Industrial Control Systems, Internet of Things, Mobile, Cloud Computing, Big Data Security, Smart Connected Buildings and Smart Cities. She is also responsible for coordinating and managing the Incident Response Process and Preparedness for the advanced Building Automation Systems and Solutions. She holds a Master of Science Degree in Security Technologies | Cybersecurity and Certified in Cybersecurity and Privacy Law. She accomplished several cybersecurity research publications, standards, and keynotes in the field. Presently, her primary research foci are cybersecurity & privacy challenges in the design and interoperability to achieve advanced plant/building automation, V2G to support energy efficiency, sustainability, and grid integration facilitating resilient smart cities.


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