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Getting to Zero Emissions with Help from Smart Grid Functionality
Presented by: Paul Acchione

Industrial Demand Response Management Under Power Crisis
Presented by: Vishalya Sooriarachchi

The Business Case for Utilities Supporting Public EV Charging
Presented by: Benoit (Ben) Marcoux

DER and Network Integrity: Meter-Level Operating Envelopes
Presented by: Luis (Nando) Ochoa

Improvement of Electricity Distribution with Satellite Telemetry
Presented by: Reinaldo Burian

Challenges of Electric Vehicles for Power Systems
Presented by: Sahand Ghaseminejad Liasi

FERC Order 841 and Energy Storage 101
Presented by: Rao Konidena

Grid Energy Storage - Consumer & Utility Roles
Presented by: Ahmed Faheem Zobaa

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Demand-Side Response
Presented by: Ioannis Antonopoulos, Benoit Couraud, and Valentin Robu

High-Speed Control: A Dire Necessity for Modern Power Grids
Presented by: Sai Akhil Reddy Konakalla

Flexibility Provision from Distributed Multi-Energy Systems
Presented by: Pierluigi Mancarella

A Standardized API for Distribution System Control and Management
Presented by: Poorva Sharma and Ron Melton

Storage Control for Power System Oscillation Damping and Inertia
Presented by: Charlie Vartanian and Dr. Jan Alam

Electric Vehicles for Public Transportation in Smart Grids
Presented by: Jean-Michel Clairand

Performance, Safety & Degradation of Li-ion Battery Storage
Presented by: Daiwon Choi and Vish Viswanathan

Expanding DER Hosting Capacity: Processes, Features, and Methods
Presented by: Alexandre Nassif

Ancillary Services Offered by DRES Connected in Distribution Grids
Presented by: Dr. Charis Demoulias, and Dr. Milos Cvetkovic

Valuing Energy Storage with Clean Peak Energy Standards
Presented by: Nehal Divekar

Vehicle to Grid (V2G): Security & Privacy Perspective
Presented by: Mangaya Sivagnanam

Photovoltaic Inverter Operational Mode Flexibility in Distribution Feeders
Presented by: Dr. Shashank Vyas

Impact of IEEE Standards on Smart Grid Implementation
Presented by: Srikanth Chandrasekaran

So you think you know what Big Data is? Think Again!
Presented by: Doug Houseman

The Role of Power Electronics in Grid Modernization
Presented by: Manuel Avendaño, Jordan Smith, Gabriel Andaya and Md Arifujjaman

Cyber Resiliency & Incident Management for Critical Energy Infrastructure
Presented by: Abedalsalam "Salam" Bani-Ahmed

The Growing Virtual Grid: Non-Wires Alternatives Emerge
Presented by: Steven E. Collier

Blockchain Technology for Transactive Energy: A New Framework
Presented by: Dr. Claudio Lima

Experiences with International Projects on Power Grid Resilience
Presented by: Dr. Mathaios Panteli

A Framework to Quantify Resilience Built from the Customer Perspective
Presented by: Aaron Snyder

Measuring the Value of Resilience
Presented by: Daniel Kushner

Structural Resilience of the Electric Power Grid: Model & Measures
Presented by: Prof. Amro M. Farid, Dakota Thompson, and Wester C.H. Schoonenberg

Blockchain Technology in the Energy Sector: A Systematic Review of Challenges and Opportunities
Presented by: Merlinda Andoni

The Value of Solar Data Services for Low Voltage Network Operations
Presented by: Dr. Nick Engerer

Value of DER to the grid - Overview and Methodology
Presented by: Shay Bahramirad

Bridging the Internet of Things and Grid of Things for Effective Optimization
Presented by: Ron Chebra

Digital Twin and its Application to Power Grid Online Analysis
Presented by: Mike Zhou

Coordinating of Energy Storage and Flexible Demand Resources
Presented by: Prabir Barooah

Predictive Analytics for Power Systems Decision Making
Presented by: Rui Yang

Power System Dynamic State Estimation using Synchrophasor Measurements
Presented by: Junbo Zhao

GPS Spoofing Detection for PMUs Using a Hybrid Network
Presented by: Grace Gao, Sriramya Bhamidipati, and Tara Yasmin Mina

Cyber-Physical Security Analysis for Transactive Energy Systems
Presented by: Anurag K. Srivastava

Outthink Severe Weather by Exploring AI-Infused Outage Management Solutions
Presented by: Rob D’Arienzo

Cyber Security Roadmap for a More Resilient Electric Sector
Presented by: Galen Rasche

Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and Bulk Power System Reliability
Presented by: Charlie Vartanian, and Rich Bauer

The Evolution of the Smart Grid - Part 2
Presented by: Steven E. Collier

Smart Buildings: Approaches to Promoting Reliability of Smart Grid
Presented by: Dr. Raj Gopal

The Evolution of the Smart Grid - Part 1
Presented by: Steven E. Collier

A Reliable Grid is a Smart Grid
Presented by: Alan M Ross

Application of Adaptive Hybrid Deep Learning for Power System State Estimation
Presented by: Qun Zhou

Application of Machine Learning in Power Systems – Part 2
Presented by: Qiuhua Huang and Jason Hou

Application of Machine Learning in Power Systems
Presented by: Qiuhua Huang

Scalable Algorithms for Grid Operations: Challenges and Opportunities
Presented by: Subhonmesh Bose

Grid Modernization and Resiliency - Frameworks and Case Study
Presented by: Aaron F. Snyder

The Importance of the IEEE 2030-2011 Smart Grid Interoperability Reference Model
Presented by: Mark Siira, Charlie Vartanian, and Sara Biyabani

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