HVDC Network, Transmission Level Smart Grid and Possible Enabler of Other Smart Grid Concepts

Presented by Dale Osborn, Consulting Advisor - MISO

Thursday, April 7, 2016 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET

Major transmission interconnecting regions (RTOs and large Balancing Areas) will probably be economically justified and not built for reliability purposes.

Financial opportunities appear to exist that appear to be able to pay for a major transmission HVDC Network from benefits produced by the efficient generation over about ¾ of the U.S. Further studies may determine if and how Canada, Mexico and the rest of the U.S may also be included.

This webinar will outline how the HVDC Network provides many capabilities and benefits that are not possible with the present Interconnections in North America. One example may be the access to markets and ancillary services for micro grids at reduced costs compared to battery storage and other options. The other is the competitive delivery of renewable energy from high potential renewable areas to major loads.

Having high potential renewable resources in the U.S. economically deliverable may enable low carbon dioxide futures to be achieved at competitive costs.

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Dale Osborn

About the Speakers:

Dale Osborn currently works as Consulting Advisor, Policy and Economic Studies, for MISO, assisting study teams in the development of long range economic transmission plans for the entire Midwest ISO and neighboring regions. His current project focuses on the HVDC Network - a transmission conceptual design that may link WECC, ERCOT, and about half of the Eastern Interconnection to exchange capacity diversity and energy. Previously, Dale worked for ABB with HVDC and Reactive Power Compensation systems, and is the past chairman of the Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative (EIPC) Production Cost Task Force.

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