Dave Karpenske

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As part of an ongoing video interview series with Smart Grid experts around the world, we present a conversation with IEEE Smart Grid World Forum attendee Dave Karpenske, Vice President Strategic & Corporate Marketing at JDSU. Dave takes time to share his thoughts on the Cost of AMI and Educating the Consumer.




Interviewer: And what's the new situation in the U.S.?

Dave Karpenske: Well, partially, as an example is when the cost example of utility AMI is being proposed to be borne by the consumer, there's a lot of push back, because the education aspects to what we've seen in a lot of the markets in the U.S. have not been really pursued. So, much like this morning in the discussion about how education of the consumer needs to be part of the strategy to help make sure that this is successful, that's where we've seen probably a little bit of struggle in the U.S.




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