High-Speed Control: A Dire Necessity for Modern Power Grids

Presented by: Sai Akhil Reddy Konakalla

Recent growth in deployment of distributed energy resources (DERs), energy storage systems, and advanced grid control schemes have increased the levels of variability in generation and load conditions over the transmission and distribution system. Large scale decentralization of electricity production and rise in the adoption of independently operable (micro-) grids has made it even more difficult to control load or generation perturbations caused by production or consumption variability. Complementary to the traditional Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) based control, modern grid control based on much faster measurements such as time-synchronized phasor data has proved to be promising to provide additional robustness. Two unique use cases will be used to present the modern grid challenges and discuss solutions. The first is the issue of spinning reserve due to variations in renewable energy, mainly PV cloud events. The second is the issue of sudden reverse power flow into the power station in systems with high renewable penetration and unprecedented sudden load loss.

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  1. Utilities
  2. Distribution grid stakeholders: operators, grid managers, etc.
  3. Storage vendors and renewable integrators
  4. Grid IT/OT data stakeholders (PMUs, SCADA, IEEE 2030.5 etc.)

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Sai Akhil Reddy Konakalla

Sai Akhil Reddy Konakalla

Sai Akhil Reddy Konakalla works at PXISE Energy Solutions, LLC, a subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE: SRE) as a Solutions Architect where he leads the company’s development of optimization, data analysis and product robustness. He also oversees PXISE’s on-field deployment from the standpoint of controls, optimization and robustness. Sai holds a doctoral degree from Dynamic Systems group at University of California San Diego, where he studied controls and modeling of electric power systems, especially using Synchrophasor data to analyze grid events occurring in the Western Interconnection (WECC). His vision is to solve real life problems in the fields of science, technology and business management using various scientific approaches and advanced algorithms. Dr. Konakalla has authored more than 10 research articles in the domain of controls of power systems and published 4+ patents in various fields. He is also a reviewer of different IEEE journals and conferences.

Tags & Topics for This Webinar:

Renewables; fast control; synchrophasors; spinning reserve; reverse power flow; distribution


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