The Business Case for Utilities Supporting Public EV Charging

Presented by: Benoit (Ben) Marcoux

In this presentation, we will offer some fact-based thoughts to fuel utilities’ push toward developing sound EV strategies. Our suggestions are inspired by the actions of some of North America’s leading utilities, which we have had the privilege of assisting with data and strategic advice over the last few years. Done right, EVs prove to be good for utilities and their ratepayers.

Essentially, three value streams exist to support the case for utilities to support public EV charging. First, research has shown that light-duty EVs put downward pressure on electricity rates through increased demand requiring little incremental investment. Second, EV drivers are prime targets for other utility programs, because they are the most digitally engaged of all customers. Finally, leading utilities see new business opportunities from home, public, and workplace charging.


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EV planners, grid planners, customer service personnel


BenoitBenoit (Ben) Marcoux has led over consulting 120 projects in strategic planning, business transformation, marketing, and technology, including the management of the largest smart meter installation program in Canada.

Along the way, he has sold, financed, designed, and managed systems, programs, services, and organizations. His passion is to help utilities, vendors, and investors to thrive through the energy transition and the electrification of transportation.

Ben graduated as a professional engineer and went on to complete a master’s degree in Applied Sciences and an MBA.

He often publishes analysis on his professional blog. You can also follow him on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

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