So you think you know what Big Data is? Think Again!


Presented by: Doug Houseman, Grid Modernization Lead, Burns & McDonnell

If we assume that The Green New Deal and Transactive Energy are will happen, we need to realize that no one is ready for what will happen in the next decade.

In a project to determine how many devices will play in the future grid, the numbers were staggering. This presentation will go thru what will be contributing to big data going forward and what that means from an aggregate number of data points, and requirements for processing, and the required system latency if we move to electrification, transactive energy, and 100% renewables. Simply staggering gaps exist between what happens today and what needs to happen.

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INTENDED AUDIENCE: Utilities, government officials, academia

The webinar is intended for anyone interested in the challenges and opportunities to implement power electronics into the grid and how these technologies will enable the utility of the future. Attendees can include utility engineers and technicians, researchers, undergraduate and graduate students, academics, members of all IEEE societies, and so forth.


Webinar PresenterDoug Houseman

Doug has extensive experience in the energy and utility industry and has been involved in projects in more than 70 countries. Doug is a leader in grid modernization thinking, he was asked to author significant portions of the IEEE's GridVision 2050, DOE's QER and to revise CEATI's Distribution Utility Technology Roadmap. Doug is a NIST fellow and member of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) where he had a hand in both the Smart Grid Interoperability Maturity Model and Transactive Energy. He has led the IEEE Power and Energy Society's Intelligent Grid Coordinating Committee and Emerging Technology Committee for the last five years. He has presented more than 20 tutorials and webinars for grid modernization for IEEE.


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