Cyber Resiliency & Incident Management for Critical Energy Infrastructure


Presented by: Abedalsalam "Salam" Bani-Ahmed, Lead Engineer, Power Systems Cybersecurity at Eaton Corporation


With the increasing communication agents and the massive deployment of cyber devices over a wide area of electrical power components, cybersecurity challenge elevates to a higher level as the susceptibility of attack increases. Cybersecurity by design dictates the preparedness of the critical infrastructure in response to a cyber-attack. This webinar introduces the state of the art and best practices in cyber incident management and system resilience against potential cyber-attacks, and highlighting the concept of cyber resilience and the principle of cybersecurity by design.

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INTENDED AUDIENCE: Utilities, government officials, stakeholders

Anyone interested in the development and operation of a modern intelligent electric grid including utility & government cybersecurity engineers from IT and OT teams, compliance officers, CISOs and Cyber-Physical systems researchers.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Salam Bani-Ahmed, PhD

Webinar PresenterSalam received his PhD degree in Electrical Engineering (2017) from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, specializing in the cyber-physical integration in decentralized smart microgrid control systems. Currently, Dr. Bani-Ahmed is a Lead Engineer of Power Systems Cyber-Security at Eaton Corporation, Corporate Research and Technology. His research interests include Smart Grids, Microgrids and DERMS, IIoT communications infrastructure, protocols, cyber-security, and standards, and has published numerous technical journal and conference papers, and white papers on related topics. In addition, he is the chair of the IEEE Smart Grid education committee. He also serves as a reviewer to multiple IEEE PES and IAS transactions, and various international Smart Grid related journals.


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