Getting to Zero Emissions with Help from Smart Grid Functionality

Presented by: Paul N. A. Acchione

As power systems decarbonize their generation, they will experience a new challenge. All zero-emission electrical power systems produce significant amounts of surplus clean electricity. The current practice in most jurisdictions is to curtail the excess production that can’t be stored or exported to neighboring power grids. The webinar will present data from Ontario, Canada. Ontario’s power system is now about 94% carbon-free and needs to manage significant amounts of surplus clean electricity. About half is stored or exported at low spot market prices to neighboring power grids and about half is currently curtailed (wasted).  This webinar proposes some retail electricity price reforms and smart grid functionality that can enable consumers to cost-effectively use that surplus clean electricity when it is available to displace their fossil fuel use, reduce their overall energy bills and lower their atmospheric emissions.

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Retail electricity pricing regulators, power system planning professionals, environmental emission regulators, smart grid hardware and software designers, electric vehicle producers, hydrogen producers, heating equipment producers.


Acchione P. 2018 Hi DefnPaul N. A. Acchione has B.A.Sc. and M. Eng. degrees from the University of Toronto. Paul is a licensed professional engineer in Ontario, a fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering and a member of several engineering societies. He has over 49 years of engineering and management experience in the electric power industry. After graduation Paul worked for 31 years with Ontario Power Generation (OPG) and its predecessor companies.  Paul has been an electric power management consultant at MIDAC Corp. for the past 18 years. He was the 2013-14 President and Chair of the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) and is a subject matter expert with OSPE’s Energy Task Force.  Paul received the OSPE President’s Award in 2018 for his work on energy policy.

Tags & Topics for This Webinar:

Smart Grid; Zero-Emission Electricity; Retail Electricity Price Reform; Fossil Fuel Displacement


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