A Framework to Quantify Resilience Built from the Customer Perspective


Presented by: Aaron Snyder, Director of Grid Technology Consulting and Sean Morash, Senior Consultant at EnerNex

Investments in the electric grid have long focused on improving the reliability of the system to meet the needs of existing and new customers. Customers expect reliable electricity service, but understand the need to suspend that expectation in extreme weather events. Though not ideal, people have grown to realize that high winds can wreak havoc upon exposed power lines, as one example. Having multiple, redundant paths to serve the end customers, or for end-use loads to be served by a plethora of potential sources, is a solution that improves reliability, but it also ultimately improves the resilience of the system. Reliability and resilience are linked and the definitions of each are often reliant upon the other. This webinar will present a summary of modern thinking on the linkage between reliability and resilience before introducing a metric to define system resilience building up from each customer.

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INTENDED AUDIENCE: Grid Planners, Utility Investment Decision Makers, and Reliability Engineers


ABOUT THE SPEAKERS: Aaron Snyder and Sean Morash

July 25th Webinar PresentersAaron Snyder, Ph.D. is EnerNex’s Director of Grid Technology Consulting. His technical expertise includes advanced metering infrastructure requirements analysis, electricity metering, electricity metering standards (domestic and international), grid modernization, distribution system infrastructure resilience, and wide-area stability and control.

July 25th Webinar PresentersSean Morash is a Senior Consultant at EnerNex, where his responsibilities include developing and articulating the business value of technology-based solutions, development of smart grid project use cases and processes, and research on various modern grid initiatives. He is a creative thinker and is comfortable at all levels of project implementation, from strategy to testing.


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