Renewable Generation Studies, Lessons Learned

Presented by Nelson Bacalao, Hugo Bashualdo and George Zhou - Siemens PTI

Thursday, May 26, 2016 | 1:00pm – 2:00pm ET

Renewable generation integration not only impacts operational and engineering processes, but also planning. Transmission and distribution systems were traditionally planned as separated activities . In fact, DG for instance was merely considered a substation load reduction only, which was appropriate for small levels of penetration but grossly inadequate with larger levels where there are reverse flows at times into transmission. The effective integration of transmission and distribution planning is critical not only to utility resource planning, but also to meeting core utility service reliability and transformational growth requirements.

In this webinar, IEEE Smart Grid Experts, Nelson Bacalao, Hugo Bashualdo, and George Zhou will cover lessons learned from over 145 GW of generation interconnection studies, where more than 50% of them were wind and solar PV. They will also discuss the role and challenges created by utility scale, distributed and renewable generation when addressing the impacts of retiring conventional generation due to environmental compliance and other reasons, as well as the impacts of DG to a distribution system.

In the distribution space, two critical questions need to be addressed in regards to DG: i) How much DG can a distribution feeder host without system improvement? ii) How much capital investment is needed to increase the feeder hosting capacity to a targeted DG penetration level, i.e. 100% of the feeder capacity?

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About the Speakers:

Dr. Bacalao has over 35 years of extensive experience in providing technical and strategic consulting services to utilities, governments, regulators, independent project developers, and the financial community, in the US and internationally. He combines a rigorous academic training in engineering and business with utility, government and consulting experience in the technical, economic, and regulatory aspects of utility systems. Dr. Bacalao’s core competencies are in the area of transmission and distribution planning, with emphasis in recent years on the integration of renewable generation





Mr. Bashualdo has over 23 years of specialized engineering and managerial experience within the power distribution system. His technical expertise includes distribution planning, distributed generation interconnection impact studies, power loss reduction techniques, reliability improvement studies, and distribution system design, construction and maintenance. Over the course of his career. His projects have focused on enhancing distribution system reliability, improving power quality, reducing power losses, and increasing capacity. Since joining Siemens PTI in 2012, he has been dedicated to redesigning the distribution system planning process, to include the integration of renewable generation, distributed energy resources (DER), and microgrids.






Dr. Zhou has three decades of experience working in power system engineering, both in industry and in academia. His extensive experience includes power system analysis, transmission planning, grid operations, and software development, as well as research and teaching. He has managed and performed many projects including transmission expansion planning studies, generation and load interconnection studies, system modeling, system reliability assessment, and probabilistic risk assessment. He is also experienced in SCADA/EMS software design and development. Dr. Zhou joined Siemens PTI in 2008 and has been conducting power system studies, power system modeling, and regulatory compliance assessments − developing engineering solutions for the power industry.


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