Smart Grid: Concepts, Solutions, Standards, Policy, Recent Deployments and Lessons Learned with John McDonald

As part of this webinar, McDonald covers the key industry/societal trends for smart grid or “grid modernization.” Today’s energy system is transitioning from devices and systems to holistic solutions. Instead of creating technology for one purpose, engineers are starting to look at how their technology plays a greater role in the overall energy system. McDonald also touches on the trend of a convergence of information technology and operational technology to support enterprise data management. Grid flexibility, big data and cloud computing are also concepts covered in this section of the webinar.

Building off the movement from products and systems to holistic solutions, McDonald identifies and describes the shared services and applications for six areas of the energy infrastructure, including asset optimization, demand optimization, smart meter systems, distribution optimization, transmission optimization, and workforce and engineer design optimization.

Even with good technology and standards, policy remains one of the most powerful drivers for smart grid technology adoption and use. McDonald describes the work of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel and covers some of the global lessons learned about feed-in tariffs, tax incentives and smart grid policy. He also shares attributes of an effective policy, which include stable, long- term commitment, rewards performance, non-compliance teeth and more.

To listen to the recorded version of John McDonald’s webinar, visit the Past IEEE Smart Grid Webinars page.

John D. McDonald, P.E., is Director, Technical Strategy and Policy Development for GE Energy Management’s Digital Energy business, and has 40 years of experience in the electric utility industry.


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