Date: August 5, 2013
Publication: The Energy Collective

Energy consumption is on the cusp of many changes. As outages from extreme weather events, the demand for “clean energy”, and electricity costs continue to increase, consumers are incentivized to find alternative, more independent sources for their electricity needs. In this blog post Steve Collier, Smart Grid expert discusses these drivers of consumer energy independence. Read more

Date: July 9, 2013
Publication: National Geographic

After the news of US program to help develop sub-Saharan Africa's energy grid, IEEE Smart Grid expert Massoud Amin compares and contrasts the technological and investment tasks of upgrading the US energy infrastructure vs. establishing new infrastructure as in the target areas of the program. He also discusses the link between energy infrastructure investments and economic prosperity. Read more.

Date: June 2013
Publication: Utility Horizons Quarterly

In this article, Erich Gunther discusses the importance of the Smart Grid's "resiliency" and "hardening" capabilities – meaning the ability to bounce back from physical devastation as well as the ability to withstand assault from cyber attacks. It examines existing technologies and techniques that can soften the blow of future events and why resources are becoming more and more focused in these areas. Read more.

Date: June 26, 2013
Publication: Renew Grid

This third and final article in Renew Grid is written by IEEE Smart Grid expert John McDonald and focused on microgrids and their use by consumers and utilities. The use cases for microgrids, growth opportunities, implementation opportunities, and the role of standards for the years ahead are examined within the context of the IEEE Smart Grid survey with additional insight by John McDonald and Eliot Assimakopoulos, microgrid commercial leader for GE Digital Energy. Read more

Date: June 11, 2013
Publication: Electric Light & Power

Business continuity has become a greater importance as corporations continue to experience both productivity and financial loss from prolonged power outages. In this article Erich Gunther discusses the impacts of Smart Buildings 2.0, where the focus turns from not only energy efficiency and "being green," but also to business continuity plans. Read more

Date: June 19, 2013
Publication: Renew Grid

This second in a series of three articles based on the IEEE Smart Grid survey focuses on energy storage. The article by Smart Grid expert John McDonald, with input from Ali Nourai and Rick Fioravanti of KEMA, addresses the four W's of energy storage – Who should pay for and own it? Who benefits? What are the applications? Where does regulatory fit? When will it happen? Read more

Date: June 12, 2013
Publication: Fierce SmartGrid

As severe weather events cause prolonged power outages, consumers are starting to seek alternatives to the grid. In this interview conducted by FireceSmartGrid, Steven Collier, IEEE Smart Grid expert was asked to elaborate on the post-Sandy electric grid. Collier discusses possible alternatives to the grid and the impacts of these choices. Read more.

Date: June 12, 2013
Publication: Renew Grid

IEEE Smart Grid expert John McDonald discusses the drivers and constraints and market expectations around distributed generation in this first of three articles that originate with the IEEE Smart Grid survey. Read more

Date: June 6, 2013
Publication: The Energy Collective

As customer dissatisfaction with the power grid continues to increase, customers are seeking for alternate ways to acquire energy. In this article Steven Collier discusses DC power microgrids as one of those alternatives. DC power microgrids increase self-sufficiency, which is particularly important during natural or man-made disasters that disrupt the power grid. Read more

Global standards leader publishes materials aimed at fostering both short- and long-term smart grid innovation and progress

Shuang Yu, Senior Manager, Solutions Marketing
+1 732 981 3424;

PISCATAWAY, N.J., USA, 30 May 2013 - IEEE, the world's largest professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, today unveiled a host of resources designed to foster continued innovation and advancement of the global smart grid. IEEE Smart Grid Research is building one of the industry's most comprehensive portfolios of smart grid-related intelligence, including materials such as vision documents and research papers that address problems and challenges in both the long- and short-term.

"With IEEE Smart Grid Research, we are moving into the full lifecycle of standards-related activities by adopting a proactive, forward-looking approach from pre-standard activities to real-world adoption and implementation," said Bill Ash, strategic program manager, IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA). "We are building out a portfolio of rich resources ranging from long-term vision and roadmap documents to research papers that explore today's pressing challenges, to help key stakeholders advance their own work. This will enable us to create a pipeline for incubation of innovative technologies to standards development and market acceptance, supporting global growth of the smart grid market."

IEEE Smart Grid Research long-term research focuses on five technology sectors that include power, computing, communications, control systems, and vehicle technology. It leverages potential use cases, application scenarios and enabling technologies to deliver the most complete picture possible of the next generation of technology in each respective smart grid space. IEEE Smart Grid Research will have a long-term vision document, reference model and roadmap for each of the five technology sectors, as well as shorter-term research available for addressing more immediate concerns. IEEE Smart Grid Research materials will cover projections of where the smart grid will evolve to, technology challenges and opportunities, and areas where additional research is needed.

Among the first resources available will be three downloadable Vision documents.

  • IEEE Grid Vision 2050, addressing the smart grid power landscape, offers a long-range view of the power landscape as it relates to the smart grid, including existing and future technology developments and emerging challenges that must be overcome during the next 40 years.
  • IEEE Smart Grid Vision for Computing: 2030 and Beyond examines the evolution of smart grid operational concepts and computing technologies. The document aims to spur investments in computing technologies facilitating fulfillment of smart grid visions and improving power system performance, efficiency, speed, reliability, and resiliency. IEEE Smart Grid Vision for Computing: 2030 and Beyond also focuses on a broad array of computing technologies spanning multiple disciplines, and outlines their possible roles in the future electric grid.
  • IEEE Smart Grid Vision for Communications: 2030 and Beyond lays out a vision of the smart grid for the year 2030 from a communications perspective. It also discusses imperatives of different stakeholders, and impediments to realizing this vision. Following the discussion are smart grid goals for different constituencies, and how communications should evolve to enable key smart grid functionality.

Long-term IEEE Smart Grid Research resources represent a collaborative effort being jointly produced by IEEE-SA and its relevant IEEE technical societies, which are partnering to develop long-term documents in each of the five technology topic areas. Participating societies include IEEE Communications Society (IEEE ComSoc), IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Control Systems Society (IEEE CSS), IEEE Intelligent Transportation Society (IEEE ITSS) and IEEE Power & Energy Society (IEEE PES).

"IEEE Smart Grid Research will provide research topics and problem statements for where further research and investment are needed for smart grid technology development," said Georges Simard, editor-in-chief, IEEE Grid Vision 2050. "By providing future snapshots of years 2015, 2020, 2030 and beyond, these projects allow us to look past today's smart grid event horizon and chart a successful course for the smart grid of tomorrow."

Also soon to be available are two research papers, "Global Consumer Socialization of Smart Grid", and "Cyber Security for the Smart Grid". Targeted toward smart grid practitioners and researchers, both papers will help in the identification of problems and challenges in the short-term. Global Consumer Socialization of Smart Grid explores emerging consumer issues and will help utilities and energy companies better engage with and address the needs of customers globally. Cyber Security for the Smart Grid examines details of cyber security vulnerabilities existing throughout the smart grid value chain, mitigation efforts undertaken by countries, and measures to be implemented going forward. Additionally, Cyber Security for the Smart Grid delves into concerns that must be addressed for effective implementation of the smart grid.

To purchase IEEE Smart Grid Research documents individually, please visit the IEEE Standards Store. IEEE Smart Grid Research papers will also be available for organizations via the IEEE Xplore digital library. For information regarding access options for multiple users at any size institution or corporation, contact IEEE.

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