A Special Issue on Smart Grid in the Asia-Pacific Region

 By Wenpeng Luan, Huishi Liang, Hui Yu

Due to the effectiveness and efficiency in promoting renewable energy utilization, distributed generation and microgrids have been gaining attention in China, a country experiencing rapid industrialization and urbanization development and under the threat of exhaustion of energy resources and environmental pollution. Great efforts aiming to boost distributed generation and microgrids development have been made in China during the past decade.

 By Massoud Amin

The 20th Century marked a period of technology triumphs. Electrification, telecommunications and the Internet, fast and efficient transportation, modern medicine, scientific agriculture, and other advances changed—and continue to change—the conditions of human life all around the globe. While the smart grid may not be as dramatic, it, in its own right, will be transformative, which is why China is heavily invested in the technology.

 By Chao-Shun Chen, Chia-Hung Lin, Te-Tien Ku, and Cheng-Ting Hsu

The Penghu smart grid (SG) demonstration project is sponsored by the National Energy Project (NEP) to derive the guidelines for the smart grid roadmap in Taiwan. The smart grid companies are also invited for the installation of the SG demonstration system to obtain the reference site of smart grid project in the actual Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) system. This project will develop and commercialize the key components and application functions of smart grid to enhance the technology of the local SG companies to compete in the international SG market. The project will also comply with the national goal of Penghu low carbon emission project by providing the testing platform of smart grid to verify various SG functions. Taipower will also develop the planning of smart grid implementation in her whole power system based on the try run results of this project.

 By Yun-Wei Huang, Yi-Ping Chen, Chih-Ta Tsai and, Chi-Chang Chan

Traditionally, the main supply of electrical energy in the remote small island is imported diesel fuel. The expensive costs of transportation, fuel and operation cause significant financial costs for most utilities. It is evident that a partial replacement of renewable energy on such an island reduces expenses. As the attractive renewable energy is gradually developed and may become the major energy in the island, microgrid technology must be considered to maximize the utilization of renewable energy and maintain power quality.

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