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By M. Cacioppo, G. Zizzo, M. G. Ippolito, R. Musca, E. Riva Sanseverino, M. Mammina, D. Arnone

In many countries, a great number of electricity market operators have developed Demand Response (DR) programs with different purposes. In this framework, load aggregation represents an important issue, linked to the potential that the coordinated management of distributed resources has on affecting power systems’ operation. The Aggregator is the main actor in this scenario. It assumes different roles and relationships with the other actors of a Smart Grid and represents a mediator between the end-users and the DSO/TSO or the electricity market manager.

By Martin Molnár and István Vokony

Since critical infrastructures play a crucial role in our everyday life, its security has to be considered as one of the most important challenges in this modern era. The Internet of Things spreads in almost every segment of industry, hence these critical systems become more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and so do power grids. In 2009 to 2010 a well-protected and isolated Iranian uranium enrichment plant was attacked by a Stuxnet worm, and the most famous cyber-attack on a critical infrastructure was committed against the power grid in Kiev, Ukraine during 2015–2016.

By Massoud Amin

The US senate passed cyber-security bill in summer 2019, with bipartisan support, to learn from how cyber-attacks in Ukraine were limited in their spread -- to incorporate and bring back old technologies including analog breakers and switches in order to better protect the system and halt rapid spread of cascading failures.

By Hossam A.Gabbar, Ontario Tech University, Canada

This paper discusses integrated energy-water grids and the possible coupling in different regions and communities. The paper analyzes possible design and configuration of integrated energy-water grids in different hierarchical levels and as associated with possible decision parameters. Different energy and water load profiles are discussed in different situations and conditions, including sever weather conditions and emergencies. Planning framework is expressed in view of different energy-water integrated models and schemes. Control strategies are analyzed to meet performance measures with coordinated views and decision making. Energy-water integrated data centers are expressed to support operation in different regions and conditions.

Keywords: energy-water grids, energy-water networks, planning of energy-water grids

By Paul M. Grant, W2AGZ Technologies

Thirty-one years ago, we held the celebration of the discovery of superconductivity at temperatures above liquid air at the Woodstock of Physics meeting in New York City. Many in the superconductivity community and the press heralded this finding as the power deliverance of mankind. Well not yet, and why not? Such is the subject of this brief note.

By Karthikrajan Senthilnathan and Iyswarya Annapoorani K

In general, smart grids are the electric power networks aim to provide reliable and secured power supply to the consumer with advanced monitoring, control and communication systems. As a result of rapid growth in the field of cyber physical systems and smart grids, the cyber twin approach has a major role. The cyber twin model is a virtual model of the actual power network. The virtual model realizes the performance of the actual power system network. The cyber twin model helps the power distributor for analysing and prediction of the power network under various operating conditions.

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